Book I Want: Domino: The Book of Decorating

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2010 at 11:55 am

If there’s one book that I’ve been yearning for for months now, it’s Domino’s thick interior design guide. I love all things interior design and often buy myself loads of magazines on the subject but I have yet to purchase books on the subject matter. I bought a booklet, once, but that was it. And while we never had the now defunct magazine where I’m from, I do love its online reincarnation Lonny Magazine.

Thanks to countless trips to the bookstore and inside peeks through Amazon, I have an idea of what to expect. Glorious, glorious pictures and glorious, glorious ideas on how to make your home reflect your personality.

I suppose you could call me a frustrated interior design student. My mom didn’t like the idea of me taking such a course because she said there was no money there and that considering how my room was always a mess, how would I fare?

But that was way back when I didn’t know I could still insist upon what I wanted and way back when my mom was still closed to ideas she deemed were too radical (I come from a family of entrepreneurs).

While blogs and magazines do their part to sate my furniture and design lust, there’s nothing like a real book to complete my library. Or to start a new collection!

  1. I love those books too. I collect ancient city books. Big ones.

    • You must have quite an impressive collection! 🙂 While regular books are great, books filled with beautiful art and photography are just as amazing for me.

  2. […] book on our local bookstore and ouch it’s going to cost me more than it will cost me for the Domino: Book of Decorating! But that is the price I have to pay. Or not, depending on how generous people can be. […]

  3. Nowadays you can easily purchase a decorating book online. Fashion Magazine

  4. books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books ::.

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