Where Do You Read?

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Bedrooms. I always read my books in bedrooms. Put me in the living room and I’ll watch TV. Put me in the dining room and I’ll find something to eat. Put me in the kitchen and I’ll just open the ref. No. You really have to put me in the bedroom.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t really read anywhere else. I bring books with me when traveling (although I’ve grown to realize how much I favor magazines over books on the road) and I’ve never had problems reading books anywhere else but if I’m at home, I will always gravitate towards my bedroom for a good book.

We don’t have a library or a study in the house. My bedroom serves as both the home office and the library. But if I were to live on my own, I would love to have a room dedicated to writing and to books. I scrounged around the net, as I always do, and found these beautiful rooms. Take a look see!

via Elle Decor

The black and white theme just screams modern to me. And I love nothing more than high ceilings. It doesn’t matter if the room is small or big as long as it has high ceilings. Plus, can you see the desk over to the right and the old-school clock on the upper left? Those are some of the old-fashioned elements I’d like to see in my library.

via SMR Design via Lonny Magazine

I have a taste for restructured designs. Wing back chairs aren’t exactly new inventions but the color Turquoise makes it look so modern. Besides, Turquoise is one of my favorite colors. You can’t see much of the shelves behind it but I love what I’m seeing. The Missoni-like design of the rug also adds to the overall charm.

via Elle Decor

My favorite element in this picture is that white collapsible seat/table in the middle.

I’d like to show you what my own desk and my own shelves look like but they’re not exactly drool-worthy. One day though, one day…

  1. Thought you wanted to have a study room like the one in Beauty and the Beast? Anyway, I don’t like the first photo, too beautiful and too busy for my eyes.

  2. I wanted to have a more achievable goal. Hahaha. Have you seen how high Beast’s bookshelves are? My teeny tiny collection probably won’t even fill one of his shelves!

  3. I’m with the Beast’s library, that seems so much more solid to me. As far as places go, anywhere that doesn’t have a TV! But generally outside on a lawn chair is best, or laying on the couch. Not having a TV in my home makes that last one a feasible option haha

    • Interesting. I’ve never tried reading outside the house, probably because I don’t like it when the neighbors look at me. That and we don’t have a lawn. All we’ve got here is concrete, concrete and concrete.

      And I feel I must mention this. I’ve had the same bed since I first started reading (and I always read on beds) so I guess that’s one reason why I love to read in my bedroom so much. Hmm…

  4. I could probably read hanging upside down by my heels. I take a book with me wherever I go, just in case I get a few minutes. My couch has one section sort of like a chaise, so I can sit back, put my legs up and let the world go away. Sometimes I wonder how many books I’ve read, but I’m not sure I can count that high. Loved the pictures of the beautiful rooms.

  5. Ooh! A chaise! That sounds rather elegant.Thanks for leaving a comment. I spend a lot of hours looking at beautiful rooms but I just can’t get enough of them.

  6. Because I read an insane amount, I read everywhere for the sake of efficency. Did you know I post photos of everything read every Sunday at my Boomer Muse blog? My favorite spot is in bed and in my secret garden.

  7. I read in the public library or in my backyard. I like to have distractions when I read-either people or nature.

  8. Alright, I envy everyone who has a backyard.

    @LaylaMorganWilde Really? That’s awesome! The truth is, it’s hard to keep up with all the blogs I’ve bookmarked. Yours included. Hehehe.But I’ll keep a lookout. My book reviews are more spontaneous. Probably because I lack discipline. Hehehe.

    @Nothingprofound Our public libraries aren’t as friendly as they ought to be. Hahaha. But we’re opposites in the sense that I can’t read when distracted. The meanings don’t register as well as they usually do when I’m in the privacy of my own room.

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