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via HarperCollins

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a collection of horror stories compiled by Alvin Schwartz. Although meant for children, kids who are older than 9 years old might not find the stories so scary anymore. If your children or your younger siblings often go to slumber parties or summer camps, the book might be helpful to keep boredom at bay. Contrary to my expectations, the book is not designed for personal reading. It is constructed to help kids tell the stories on their own. Some stories even have appropriate instructions for when to scream or when to pierce friends with a knowing stare.

As a grown-up, I found the Notes section of the collection to be more interesting. There are a few references in there which speak of history (i.e. Mark Twain, Indian legends) but nothing more profound. My little sister who is ten years old finished the book quite quickly. If you want to get kids interested in storytelling, this book might prove to be more useful for you than it was for our family.

  1. It offers three floors of interactive fun for all ages. History

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