Of Rotten Co-Workers

In Uncategorized on September 13, 2010 at 11:20 am

There are days when I wish for a more normal job but most of the time, I’m quite happy with the way things are. Working from home gives me total freedom. My turf, my rules. There are deadlines, of course, and the occasional interviews, but at least I don’t have to deal with rotten co-workers.


That, by the way, is supposed to be an ominous sound effect.

Anyway, I just came from a friend’s blog and read the most awful story about a rotten co-worker who omitted certain facts of a particular incident to keep her ass scorch-free while my friend (who was only involved because said ass-protective hussy asked her for a favor) was made to take the fall. And the only thing said hussy did afterward was to send my friend a message asking if she were mad at her. Duh! I suppose it’s human nature to want to protect yourself but this just borders on cowardice.

I can’t disclose any details since this might blow up into something big but I’m glad that at least my friend had sent in her resignation letter weeks before this all went down.

Have you ever had rotten co-workers? And did you ever do anything about it?


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